Biomedical Data Journal (BMDJ), ISSN 2367-5322, e-ISSN 2367-6477‏, is an open access journal aiming to facilitate the presentation, validation, use, and re-use of datasets, with focus on publishing biomedical datasets that can serve as a source for simulation and computational modelling of diseases and biological processes.

Current issue

Biomed Data J. 2015; 1 (3) Heart Failure and Stress Response

BMDJ issue 3 - pront cover

Edited by Alessandro Pingitore, Francesca Mastorci, Giorgio Iervasi, CNR - Institute of Clinical Physiology, Pisa, Italy.

With the current special issue on HEart FAilure and STress Response (HEFAST), BMDJ introduces a holistic approach to the publication, sharing, linking, review and evaluation of heart failure (HF) studies, based on the open access to scientific information. In cardiology research this is critical in order to promote interoperability between different centres through integration of published biomedical datasets. In particular, this can serve as a source for simulation and integration of computational technologies of diseases and biological processes. It is increasingly recognized that the integration of a variety of biological and medical research data to produce or refine disease models using advanced statistical, computational and mathematical approaches could facilitate the understanding of biological systems’ complexity.

BMDJ 1(3) presents five data papers and the respective experimental and clinical datasets.