Anaemia as Predictor of All-Cause Mortality in Patients with Systolic Dysfunction

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Journal Article


Biomed Data J, Volume 1, Issue 3, p.51-55 (2015)


Anaemia has been associated with worse outcomes in patients with chronic heart failure (HF). We aimed to characterize the clinical profile and outcome (all-cause mortality) of hospitalized patients with reduced ejection fraction (<45%) related to presence of anaemia (haemoglobin < 12 g/dL for women and < 13 g/dL for men according to WHO definition).

We studied 485 patients with systolic dysfunction. Information was retro­spec­tively collected from our database IMAGE, which contains details on de­mographic, clinical, laboratory, instrumental and follow-up data of all consecu­tive patients admitted to the Coronary Unit of the Institute of Clinical Physiol­ogy, Italian National Research Council. Patients presenting anaemia on admis­sion were older, with lower body mass index, higher white blood cell count (WBC) and creatinine levels. Other inflammatory indices were also higher in anaemic patients, as well as highly sensitive troponin T and N-terminal pro-brain natriuretic peptide. In our HF population, anaemia was a common finding affecting 24% of the patients, it was associated with inflammatory and oxida­tive stress indices and it represents an independent predictor of mortality.

Interested readers can download both the paper and the dataset it describes below, under the respective Creative Commons licence.

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