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The Biomedical Data Journal in the New Era of Open Access to Scientific Information Guidelines on Open Access to Scientific Publications and Research Data in Horizon 2020, Guidelines on Data Management in Horizon 2020, To Share or not to Share: Publication and Quality Assurance of Research Data Outputs, Final NIH Statement on Sharing Research Data, PLOS’ New Data Policy: Public Access to Data, Data Papers -- Peer Reviewed Publication of High Quality Data Sets, Health, demographic change and wellbeing. PHC2-Understanding diseases: systems medicine, Making Data Maximally Available, Current Advances in Mathematical Modeling of Anti-Cancer Drug Penetration into Tumor Tissues, Mathematical modeling for novel cancer drug discovery and development, Computer-Aided Drug Discovery Approach Finds Calcium Sensitizer of Cardiac Troponin, Computational fluid dynamics models and congenital heart diseases, Hierarchical approaches for systems modeling in cardiac development, Computational approaches to understand cardiac electrophysiology and arrhythmias, Reproducible Research: Moving toward Research the Public Can Really Trust, Making Data a First Class Scientific Output: Data Citation and Publication by NERC’s Environmental Data Centres, Citation and Peer Review of Data: Moving Towards Formal Data Publication, Is expert peer review obsolete? A model suggests that post-publication reader review may exceed the accuracy of traditional peer review, Out of Cite, Out of Mind: The Current State of Practice, Policy, and Technology for the Citation of Data, isCitedBy: A Metadata Scheme for DataCite (2) I. Mourouzis; C. Pantos
Multisensory spatial interactions: a window onto functional integration in the human brain (1) E. Macaluso; J. Driver
Dose-dependent effects of thyroid hormone on post-ischemic cardiac performance: potential involvement of Akt and ERK signalings (7) I. Mourouzis; P. Mantzouratou; G. Galanopoulos; E. Kostakou; N. Roukounakis; A.D. Kokkinos; D.V. Cokkinos; C. Pantos
Tumor necrosis factor: a putative mediator of the sick euthyroid syndrome in man. (21) T. van der Poll; J.A. Romijn; W.M. Wiersinga; H.P. Sauerwein
RP101 improves the efficacy of chemotherapy in pancreas carcinoma cell lines and pancreatic cancer patients (1) R. Fahrig; D. Quietzsch; J.C. Heinrich; V. Heinemann; S. Boeck; R.M. Schmid; C. Praha; A. Liebert; D. Sonntag; G. Krupitza; M. Hänel
Sensory Conflict Influence on Functional Reach Performance and Dynamic Standing Balance Aging and Posture Control: Changes in Sensory Organization and Muscular Coordination, Multisensory control of human upright stance, An internal model for sensorimotor integration, Functional Reach: A New Clinical Measure of Balance, Functional Reach: Predictive Validity in a Sample of Elderly Male Veterans, Validity and Reliability of a Pediatric Reach Test, Evaluation of postural stability in children: current theories and assessment tools, Efficacy of the star excursion balance tests in detecting reach deficits in subjects with chronic ankle instability, A Classification of Hand Preference by Association Analysis, Postural Imbalance with Head Extension: Improvement by Training As a Model for Ataxia Therapy, Effect of head extension on equilibrium in normal subjects (3) P. Gatev; K. Kirilova
Translating thyroid hormone effects into clinical practice: the relevance of thyroid hormone receptor α1 in cardiac repair (9) C. Pantos; I. Mourouzis
Molecular Basis for Certain Neuroprotective Effects of Thyroid Hormone (12) H.Y. Lin; F.B. Davis; M.K. Luidens; S.A. Mousa; J.H. Cao; M. Zhou; P.J. Davis
The regulation and measurement of plasma volume in heart failure. (14) P.R. Kalra; C. Anagnostopoulos; A.P. Bolger; A.J.S. Coats; S.D. Anker
Cardiac models in drug discovery and development: a review. (6) R.K. Amanfu; J.J. Saucerman