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Comparison of static and dynamic balance in female collegiate soccer, basketball, and gymnastics athletes (2) B. E; Y. JC;
A model for human ventricular tissue (10) K.Hten Tusscher; D. Noble; P.J. Noble; A.V. Panfilov
Automation and validation of a fast method for the assessment of in vivo oxidative stress levels (17) C. Vassalle; C. Boni; P. Di Cecco; R. Ndreu; G.Carlo Zucchelli
Interpersonal Entrainment in Dancers: Contrasting Timing and Haptic Cues Somatosensory driven interpersonal synchrony during rhythmic sway, Can dancers suppress the haptically mediated interpersonal entrainment during rhythmic sway?, Phase transitions and critical fluctuations in the visual coordination of rhythmic movements between people., Evaluating the Dynamics of Unintended Interpersonal Coordination, Rocking together: Dynamics of intentional and unintentional interpersonal coordination, Interpersonal synchronization during side by side treadmill walking is influenced by leg length differential and altered sensory feedback, The sensory feedback mechanisms enabling couples to walk synchronously: An initial investigation, Horsing Around: Spontaneous Four-Legged Coordination, Unintended interpersonal co-ordination: “can we march to the beat of our own drum?”, Interpersonal Light Touch Assists Balance in the Elderly, Effects of Visual and Verbal Interaction on Unintentional Interpersonal Coordination., Multisensory cues improve sensorimotor synchronisation, Continuity of Visual and Auditory Rhythms Influences Sensorimotor Coordination, Variability in motor learning: relocating, channeling and reducing noise, Visual contribution to self-induced body sway frequencies and visual perception of male professional dancers (6) G. Sofianidis; V. Hatzitaki
The Beneficial Effects of Ranolazine on Cardiac Function After Myocardial Infarction Are Greater in Diabetic Than in Nondiabetic Rats (10) I. Mourouzis; P. Mantzouratou; G. Galanopoulos; E. Kostakou; A.K. Dhalla; L. Belardinelli; C. Pantos
Low triiodothyronine: a strong predictor of outcome in acute stroke patients. (15) M. Alevizaki; M. Synetou; K. Xynos; T. Pappa; K.N. Vemmos
Anemia in chronic heart failure: pathogenetic mechanisms. (8) D.O. Okonko; S.D. Anker
The Need for Open-access Structured Data in Cardiology Research Free online availability substantially increases a paper's impact., Real-Life Observations of Clinical Outcomes With Rhythm- and Rate-Control Therapies for Atrial Fibrillation, GRACE score predicts heart failure admission following acute coronary syndrome, Standardized Cardiovascular Data for Clinical Research, Registries, and Patient Care, Long-term prognosis in stable angina; medical treatment or coronary revascularization in patients younger than 70years?, Prognostic value of pharmacological stress echocardiography in patients with known or suspected coronary artery disease: a prospective, large-scale, multicenter, head-to-head comparison between dipyridamole and dobutamine test. Echo-Persantine Internation, Triiodothyronine levels for risk stratification of patients with chronic heart failure (6) A. Pingitore; C. Carpeggiani
Thyroid hormone improves the mechanical performance of the post-infarcted diabetic myocardium: A response associated with up-regulation of Akt/mTOR and AMPK activation (3) I. Mourouzis; I. Giagourta; G. Galanopoulos; P. Mantzouratou; E. Kostakou; A.D. Kokkinos; N. Tentolouris; C. Pantos
Intracellular pathways of iodothyronine metabolism (9) J.L. Leonard; J. Koehrle