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Toward better drug repositioning: prioritizing and integrating existing methods into efficient pipelines (1) G. Jin; S.T.C. Wong
Postural control system (1) M. J.
Models of cardiac excitation–contraction coupling in ventricular myocytes (9) G.S.B. Williams; G.D. Smith; E.A. Sobie; S. Jafri
Suicidal erythrocyte death, eryptosis, as a novel mechanism in heart failure-associated anaemia (16) H. Mahmud; W.P.T. Ruifrok; B.D. Westenbrink; M.V. Cannon; I. Vreeswijk-Baudoin; W.H. van Gilst; H.H.W. Sillje; R.A. de Boer
Postural Stability during Static Upright Stance in Archers Postural strategies associated with somatosensory and vestibular loss, Postural control system, Comparison of static and dynamic balance in female collegiate soccer, basketball, and gymnastics athletes, Postural control in athletes participating in an ironman triathlon, Comparison of standing balance between female collegiate dancers and soccer players, Neuromuscular Training Improves Single-Limb Stability in Young Female Athletes, Judo, better than dance, develops sensorimotor adaptabilities involved in balance control, Postural stability in shooters., Postural Control of Ballet Dancers: A Specific Use of Visual Input for Artistic Purposes, The effect of expertise in gymnastics on postural control, Centre of pressure sway characteristics during static one-legged stance of athletes from different sports, Relationships between postural balance, rifle stability and shooting accuracy among novice rifle shooters, Posturograph with position-sensitive detector and method for it’s preparing, Fractal properties of postural sway during quiet stance with changed visual and proprioceptive inputs, Problem with the use of total distance travelled and average speed as measures of postural sway, Measures of postural steadiness: differences between healthy young and elderly adults, Postural stability and skilled performance—A study on top-level and naive rifle shooters (2) K. Stambolieva; M. Otzetov; D. Petrova; R. Ikonomov; P. Gatev
The Beneficial Effects of Ranolazine on Cardiac Function After Myocardial Infarction Are Greater in Diabetic Than in Nondiabetic Rats (5) I. Mourouzis; P. Mantzouratou; G. Galanopoulos; E. Kostakou; A.K. Dhalla; L. Belardinelli; C. Pantos
Low Free Triiodothyronine Levels are Related to Poor Prognosis in Acute Ischemic Stroke (14) W. Ambrosius; R. Kazmierski; V. Gupta; W. Warot; D. Adamczewska-Kociałkowska; A. Błazejewska; K. Ziemnicka; W.L. Nowinski
Iron supplementation for the treatment of chronic heart failure and iron deficiency: systematic review and meta-analysis (7) T. Avni; L. Leibovici; A. Gafter-Gvili
The Need for Open-access Structured Data in Cardiology Research Free online availability substantially increases a paper's impact., Real-Life Observations of Clinical Outcomes With Rhythm- and Rate-Control Therapies for Atrial Fibrillation, GRACE score predicts heart failure admission following acute coronary syndrome, Standardized Cardiovascular Data for Clinical Research, Registries, and Patient Care, Long-term prognosis in stable angina; medical treatment or coronary revascularization in patients younger than 70years?, Prognostic value of pharmacological stress echocardiography in patients with known or suspected coronary artery disease: a prospective, large-scale, multicenter, head-to-head comparison between dipyridamole and dobutamine test. Echo-Persantine Internation, Triiodothyronine levels for risk stratification of patients with chronic heart failure (6) A. Pingitore; C. Carpeggiani
Thyroid hormone improves the mechanical performance of the post-infarcted diabetic myocardium: A response associated with up-regulation of Akt/mTOR and AMPK activation (3) I. Mourouzis; I. Giagourta; G. Galanopoulos; P. Mantzouratou; E. Kostakou; A.D. Kokkinos; N. Tentolouris; C. Pantos