OSL Platform: A Link to Open-access Scientific Information and Structured Data

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Journal Article


Biomed Data J, Volume 1, Issue 1, p.52-54 (2015)


Evaluation of Science, Life Sciences, Open Access to Scientific Data, Open Science, Pilot Services, Semantic Search


The rapidly growing wealth of published scientific work, produced by researchers and scholars, has resulted in a pressing need for more effective processes towards reviewing scientific articles and research data, organizing data journals, as well as for improved tools and techniques for bibliographic analysis and management of scientometrics. The ongoing EU research project OpenScienceLink aims to address these needs, as well as offer a wide range of opportunities for better collaboration between researchers, by introducing a web-based Platform which offers efficient and intelligent applications and services for exploiting open access scientific information in the biomedical domain. The Platform is empowered by the semantic and social networking capabilities of three leading edge background infrastructures, which have been adapted and integrated for the scope of the project. In this paper, we present the five pilot services that are provided by the OpenScienceLink project. All five services are integrated into the web-based OpenScienceLink platform that is publicly accessible at http://www.opensciencelink.org.

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