High Throughput Drug Screening

Editor: Yixin Zhang, BCube, Dresden, Germany

Anticipated publication in BMDJ vol. 1, no. 2

Call announced: 

31 Jul 2014

Submission Deadline: 

1 May 2015

Open access to peer-reviewed datasets in the biomedical field is an innovation with potential benefits to scientific community, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, as well as medical institutions and authorities. It is expected to stimulate computational modeling and bioinformatics thus bridging biomedicine and biology researches, basic biosciences, and pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. In the era of various high throughput technologies and large data, it could become a powerful platform to combine expertise in order to understand the complexity of life and to catalyze new innovative therapeutics and diagnosis.

The developments of various high throughput drug-screening techniques aim not only to probe a large number of chemical compounds, but also to provide deep insights into the molecule/molecule interaction associated with the diversity of chemical space, the structure-activity relationship, as well as the molecule dynamics. Moreover, the cell-based drug-screening platforms are also interested in the dynamics and regulation of proteins and genes associated with various physiological and pathological states.

The BMDJ Editorial Board is announcing this Call for Papers and will welcome contributions on:

  • Using bioinformatics and computational methods in drug screening
  • Simulation of cellular network in pharmacological treatment
  • Drug screening using chemical library to probe protein-ligand binding or enzyme inhibition
  • RNA-array in drug screening campaign
  • DNA-encoded chemical library
  • Structural biology dataset in drug screening.

Of particular interest are original works on:

  • Bioinformatics and computational methods helping the development of general and open source public databases
  • Computational methods and algorithms for analyzing large datasets in drug screening
  • Computational methods and algorithms for inter-database data analysis and mining.

Interested contributors are invited to submit their datasets and manuscripts, prepared according to BMDJ Submission Guidance (where you can download the BMDJ template for a Data Paper). For further details, please visit the BMDJ website at http://www.biomed-data.eu.

Once accepted and prepared in its final camera ready version, the paper will be openly accessible in the ‘Preview’ section of the website and will be assigned a DOI, thus providing for a quick impact and recognition of the authors.

Anticipated publication of the full issue: 1 July 2015.

The special issue was published on:
31 Jul 2014